Blockchain-based Survey Platform BlockSurvey Has Raised USD 500k In Its Pre-seed Round


BlockSurvey, a blockchain-based survey platform, has raised $500k in a pre-seed round from blockchain innovators and strategic investors. The funding round saw participation from blockchain innovators, such as Stacks Accelerator, Gossamer Capital, DeSpread, GBV Capital, among others. A41 Ventures, Zanavu Ventures, Badhouse Ventures, Trevor Owens, Jun Gong, former co-founder of Dapp[dot]com also participated.

The startup will use the funds to further develop its blockchain-based survey platform to be a data collection platform for the whole of Web3.0, reported YourStory.

“We are happy to support Stacks blockchain ecosystem’s OG project, which has been active since the days of Blockstack. We will support BlockSurvey to grow into a Web3.0 platform that will work in tandem with the ‘Can’t be evil.’ internet motto,” said GM Chung, Managing Director of DeSpread Creative.

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Wilson Bright and Raja Ilayaperumal founded BlockSurvey in 2020. It enables businesses and individuals to create no-code online forms and surveys and collect data based on anonymity. It’s end-to-end encrypted, like Signal for surveys.

BlockSurvey aims to be the go-to tool for data collection with a focus on privacy and security. During the George Floyd #BlackLivesMatter movement, BlockSurvey emerged as a popular RSVP tool for protest rallies.

Wilson says, “BlockSurvey’s mission is to empower individuals to control their identities and data in the data sharing space. With just one click, forms, surveys, and data exchanges can be completed. At any given moment, you can see who has access to your data. You can also revoke permission for your data if necessary. This is done through a single decentralised wallet controlled by the user. In Web 3.0, BlockSurvey will change the way we collect and share data”.

Incubated by Afthonia Lab and Stacks Accelerator, BlockSurvey has over 500 active members and is used by both individuals and companies. To date, its users have collected about one million responses from people. The startup turned cash positive within six months of its launch.

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