Made In Uttar Pradesh Locomotives Exported To Mozambique


Indian Railways flagged off the 3000 HP cape gauge locomotive indigenously developed by the Banaras Locomotive Works, Varanasi through video conferencing on March 10 for export to the African country, Mozambique. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal flagged off the indigenously developed locomotive virtually in the presence of other dignitaries who joined the vent site virtually or in person. The export of locomotives to Mozambique shall boost the Indo-African relationship and pilot economic empowerment.

According to a statement released by the Railway Ministry, Indian Railways is exporting the first batch of two locomotives as part of a total order of six 3000 HP Cape Gauge locomotives and 90 stainless steel passenger coaches to Mozambique.

Under the Make-in-India initiative, the locomotives are developed indigenously by the Banaras Locomotive Works and are being exported by Rail India Technical and Economic Service (RITES) Limited, an Indian Railways public sector undertaking (PSU). In the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat, these Cape Gauge Diesel Locos have been designed in India, Made in India, and financed by India, the statement added.

Speaking on the occasion, Goyal said, “Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visionary leadership and his commitment to further strengthen African-Indian relations, we will work as Mozambique’s trusted partner. With significant innovation, re-modelling and upgradation, Indian Railways wishes to become the preferred supplier for Mozambique & countries around the world for all their requirements. We are willing to support further development of rail network in Mozambique. By 2030, we plan to become a net-zero Railway and power our entire electricity requirements by renewable energy. We will be the first large railway in the world to become 100% electric traction driven.”

Made In India Locomotives Export
Source – Swarajya

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BLW general manager Anjali Goyal said, “BLW has already exported 165 locomotives to many countries. BLW had exported loco to Tanzania in March 1976 and since then locomotives have been exported to various countries like Tanzania, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Senegal, Sudan, Angola, Mali, Mozambique, and Malaysia.”

The last Cape Gauge Loco exported from BLW in 2008-09 was an ALCO 3000 HP loco to Mozambique. In 2017-18, 18 MG diesel locos were exported to Myanmar. During 2018-2020, 10 BG diesel locos were exported to Sri Lanka, it added.

The 3000 HP Cape Gauge locomotive is capable of hauling 2,255 tons at 100 kmph at the level track. The driver cabin of this locomotive is noise vibration and harshness standard compliant, has good acoustics, ergonomically designed seats, integrated graphic driver display, and Heating Venting AC (HVAC) for better crew comfort and reducing fatigue.

According to railway authorities, the locomotive is Banaras Locomotive Work’s first cape gauge loco built with an AC-AC traction system. The locomotive has a new design cape gauge bogie with a maximum axle load of 20 tons. The AC-AC traction system, traction motor, traction alternator, turbo, and water closet were specially designed for Mozambique.

Facilities include on board water-closet (toilet module), refrigerator and hot plate, and a new control console has been designed and developed for right-hand drive. It is equipped with Computer Controlled Brake system (CCB 2.0) for ensuring the highest safety standards, reliability, and maintainability. It has a larger fuel tank of 6,000 liters for longer operation and stainless steel pipes have been used for ensuring corrosion resistance.

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